Main Trailhead: West Trailhead, Mt. Pisgah Arboretum Distance: 3 miles out-and-back Traffic: Moderate/Busy Level: Moderate (well-maintained trail but steep at times)   The arboretum is a part of the larger Howard-Buford Recreation Area and there is a myriad of trail combinations that you can create for longer routes throughRead More →

Main Trailhead: Champion Creek Trailhead or Upper Trestle Creek Falls Trailhead (The two trailheads are within sight of each other and both are great starting points!) Distance: 3.5 mile loop hike Busy: Not very busy Level: Moderate Twenty-five miles east of Cottage Grove, Oregon is one of my favorite places. The trees, DouglasRead More →

  I’ve been stuck inside at work the past few days. I took the liberty of assembling a few of my favorite photos. These images of Oregon’s stunning and diverse landscapes will, hopefully, help to keep you inspired until your next adventure. Cheers. Share with your friends!Read More →

Spencer Butte     Main Trailhead: Spencer Butte Trailhead, Willamette Street Distance: 1.7 mile loop hike (can be made longer) Busy: Yes Level: Moderate   Spencer Butte is the best hiking trail in Eugene, Oregon. Located within a 310-acre park is the 1.7 urban hike to the 2,058 foot summitRead More →

Oregon’s breathtaking coast will leave you in shock and awe with it’s fierce and calming beauty. Black sandstone cliffs constantly ravaged by crashing waves, or look off in the distance to sea lions and whales. The Oregon coast has everything anyone could ever want and need without being greedy. Recently,Read More →

Blackhand Gorge: A Special Place Blackhand Gorge Nature Preserve East of Newark, Ohio is a place that we visited a few times in our short stint in Ohio. It has a bike path, hiking trails, waterfalls, and plenty of nature and wildlife to view. Just a short distance from Columbus,Read More →