Visiting the Botanical Gardens at Shore Acres State Park, Oregon

With every visit to the coast I fall in love with Oregon more and more. It is very easy to spend all day at this park roaming around truly smelling the flowers. We visited Shore Acres Botanical Gardens in early February and there were still flowers in bloom. I love gardens that were created to be viewed all year round. This Oregon Coast park is great year round for checking out shrubs, evergreen perennials, and trees from all over the world. I can not wait to go back in March for their thousands of blooming tulips. We enjoyed the Mexican Weeping Pine with it’s soft needles and majestic beauty. Since 1987 they have been holding annual holiday lights from Thanksgiving to New Years. Here are some images of the time we spent here.




In Oakland, California 1877¬† Louis Jerome Simpson (1877-1949) was born and would become a gambler, actor, and sometimes a drunk. Coming from a healthy, wealthy home Asa Meade was his father and is responsible in part for creating the town of North Bend in 1855¬†north of Coos Bay. His father was a timber and shipping entrepreneur. North Bend was Asa’s company town for exporting. Later in 1903, LJ would develop the city. His owned land from Cape Arago to North Bend. He would fall in love with Cassandra Sterns and cause her to divorce her husband in 1899.

He built the home in 1906-1907 and they would eventually make it their home in 1915. He brought plants and trees from all around the world to grow on his 5 acre garden. Oh, of course and the 100-foot lily pond to top it all off. After Cassandra died in April 1921 the palace with an indoor pool burned to the ground 3 months later. Not wanting to be rich and alone he remarried in 1922. They moved into the gardener’s house for 6 years until the new mansion was built in it’s original location.

After The Great Depression he slowly lost everything including the sawmill and more property than any one man should own. He sold the estate to the State of Oregon in 1942 and the War Department would call it their home for a short time. After he died they finally put the land to good use so everyone could enjoy it. These areas would become known as Shore Acres, Cape Arago, and Sunset Beach.

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